All About Sri Sai Satcharitra Parayan

By Manisha Bisht
“Many a time devotees are writing about Mahima and power of Sri Sai SatCharitra and they are mentioning about weekly Parayan .Many mails come to me asking for what is Sai Satcharitra Parayan and what is the procedure to do it ?Instead of replying individual mail I decided to write a post on this so that each devotee who is new to Sai Satcharitra reading or parayan can understand better from this post .

Whatever I am going to write about Sai Satcharitra Parayan is what I have read ,heard and I am myself following, so if any devotee who finds it different than what they are doing are welcome to suggest or add value to the already posted article.

Like everyone has their own way of worshipping their deity similarly reading Sai Satcharitra and doing its Parayan or weekly Parayan is also an individual choice. Baba did not like rituals, and what ever I am writing is good practice or suggested practice.

I shall be writing common method what Sai devotees generally follow .Along with this I am also attaching the authentic details and references from Sai Satcharitra which can be taken as golden words/rule and can be followed and understood by new readers for Sai Satcharitra reading.

Before writing in detail about Parayan I shall like to mention i for new readers how Sai Satcharitra came into existence and how it was blessed by Baba HIMSELF to Hemadpant.

The complete detail about the same can be read from Sai Satcharitra book chapter 2 and 3 .Here I have extracted few related details for direct and better understanding of the devotees in 9 points.

After this I shall explain how Parayan/weekly Parayan(Saptah) should be done and finally the benefit of reading Sai Satcharitra ,prayer to Lord Sai ,followed by Prasad Yachna (Offering of Prasad.) Jai Sai Ram